Client: Why would I hire another designer when I could just get you to do it for free?

Me: … I wasn’t planning to work for free.

Client: I meant that I’d get you to do this work in addition to the work I’m already paying you for.

Me: I’d have to charge if the scope of the project gets bigger.

Client: You can’t just spring something like that on me. 

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I’m having a much easier time not smoking this time. Last time I got stressed out, mad & jealous. This time I care a whole lot less. I think it’s been almost a week? (I’m going to estimate it at about 4-8-14). Not like I’m quitting for good, just trying to clean out my system so I can get a new job without worrying. Also gives me a great excuse to start working out and losing weight. The weather is nice, I’m being proactive. It’s helped with my mood a bit (exercising). I’m jogging/walking before and after work. Once my legs get used to that a bit more I’ll start on squats, and move on from there.


Note - ferrets hate selfies…


My baby boy is such a belly rub loving lard.


He wore himself out!

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Puerto Rican Babe  - Carmen Caliente

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I really dig shape of this pointy chain bib necklace, cheers #Bardot! ✨✨✨

At least she doesn’t have “dreads” anymore, people, but ew. Your ears look incredibly disgusting, but at least they look fab and racist. Everyone knows that’s the fashion nowadays. If you don’t look at least 1% racist, then you’re a loser.

Not a she, but thank you for trying! It’s cute how you think you’re even making a difference by being a hateful twit, but hey, whatever helps you sleep at night :)

the racism tumblrs are getting even weirder. pointy ears are racist how? against vulcans or some shit??

you look fab btw.

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